Alert – It is more than just national monuments

Bureau of Land Management
Jurisdiction, Utah.

I’ve not put anything political on this website before thinking it would be inconsistent with the sense of beauty and harmony in the natural world around us which is, after all, one of my purposes here.  However, recent events with western land policies make it seem a bit irresponsible to remain silent in the defense of our public lands. The political efforts to transfer public federal lands in the west to the states or to private interests is not new, but it has not gained much traction over the years. Until now. The Trump administration is backing the efforts, executing policy changes, and they have been breathtakingly successful in a very short time.

If you are supporting pushback, thank you. If you are wondering what you can do, please consider these organizations. They don’t just wax eloquent over the beauty of public lands, they hire lawyers. Logic and reason are inadequate in this fight. These organizations, and others of course, are fighting bare-knuckled in this battle and have a track record of success.

Earth Justice (“Because the earth needs a good lawyer.”) Earth Justice

Center for Biological Diversity (“Because life is good.”) Center for Biologic Diversity

Thank you. With the exception of the Close to Home II project all the images on this website were taken of or on our public lands.

December 2017

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