Charles Judson is an award winning photographer who, oops, third person, sounds pretentious, starting over…

I am a T-shirt winning photographer who loves tramping out and about, making photographs that express some sense of the place, viewing with interest and often awe the work of others, and sharing the the experiences in all of that. I’m a student of art in a larger sense and of artmaking through photography in particular.

Regarding that inspirational quote on the home page by Wendell Berry (from which comes the phrase, “Photographs outside our walls”), the real news of it is here:  The Inspiration



I have been taking pictures for 50 years, the last 10 of those dedicated to the landscape. I think of photography less as a hobby and more as the medium through which creativity, my own and others’, is assured a place in my life.

My beginnings were related to news photography because growing up in a newspaper family it was mostly news photographers who I met and admired. In my 20s I did some news work but mostly performed darkroom work for weekly newspapers, processing the work of others. I then went a different direction professionally and my photography was limited to 35mm slides of travels. Now though, photography is the door through which I see and explore the natural world.

I live in Sebastopol, California, where I am a part time consultant in a left-brain field (water quality) and a part-time participant in a right-brain world of photographic imagery.

Charlie Judson

p.s. I can’t now remember where I heard the T-shirt winning line but thanks to whoever said it.