I am a T-shirt winning photographer who loves the experience of being in unpaved, unpeopled, and natural places and making images that I hope suggest the experience of being there. Many of these places are quite close to home, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, some not so much.

The digital world is awash with nice photos. Some of them are mine. None of mine are of famously beautiful places though, the ones that draw crowds….those have already been done by talent far greater than mine. With photography I’m pursuing the expression of my feelings in wild but seemingly ordinary places, discovering the extraordinary there.  I think that means creativity in the exploration of visually artistic possibilities in photography without the constraints that are important in documentary photography. Sharing the images with you is an important part of that creative experience and I thank you for visiting.

I believe the places I hold as important and sacred, natural places, are threatened by many forces and trends and I hope my photographs may serve as a gentle reminder of what we have to lose:  My Inspiration



I’ve been taking pictures for 50 years, the last 10 of those dedicated to the landscape.

My beginnings were related to news photography because growing up in a newspaper family it was mostly news photographers who I met and admired. In my 20s I did some news work but mostly performed darkroom work for weekly newspapers, processing the work of others. I then went a different direction professionally and my photography was limited to 35mm slides of travels. Now though, photography is the door through which I see and explore the natural world.

I live in Sebastopol, California, where I am a part time consultant in a left-brain field (water quality) and a part-time participant in a right-brain world of photographic imagery.

Charlie Judson

p.s. I can’t now remember where I heard the T-shirt winning line but thanks to whoever said it.